Nappy Cab

Nappy Cab



Keep your squirmy bundle of joy safe by always keeping a hand on them whilst on the change table. But with one hand tethered to them, all your change time essentials need to be within reach. The Nappy Cab is ultimate in change time storage. With your nappies, wipes, creams, and integrated bin all at your fingertips, it's a set and forget organisation solution. Now you can focus on the task at hand, not trying to find that last nappy.

The Nappy Cab is the first purpose built nappy storage cabinet. Features include:

  • Nappies always at your fingertips with spring loaded storage
  • Never run out suddenly with clear windows in the front
  • Holds and entire box of nappies
  • Self closing, no smell bin
  • Wipe holder to stop the packet running away
  • Storage for creams and powders
  • Sturdy and stylish design

Product dimensions 84cm tall, 56cm wide, 32cm deep.