Things you weren't told when you had your baby...

I didn't see that in the fine print...

I was having a discussion recently with some friends online about what they wish they were told earlier. Those little, but really not so little things that just seemed to slip by the way side, and all the people in the know just neglected to mention. So I decided to compile a bit of a list.

  • That first poo is sticky and black like tar. This is completely normal, there is nothing horrifically wrong with your child. - Tim
  • We were told after our FOURTH child that a newborn does not actually need to feed for 6-8hrs after birth. Whilst feeding is definitely encouraged for both mum and bub, from a nutrition standpoint, your baby is not starving if there are initial difficulties with breastfeeding. - Tim
  • You probably won't die in the night through sheer exhaustion, although it may feel like that. - Jodie
  • It's ok if your newborn cries a lot! Their little bodies are getting used to the outside world, there isn't always a reason for them to cry. - Amber
  • Saving colostrum before birth is awesome and takes so much pressure off yourself. - Laura
  • Bubs can be very sleepy in the first few days, but don't let them go longer than 3hrs between feeds, otherwise is wreaks havoc with establishing your milk supply and forming basic routine. - Penny
  • Babies snore and grunt and make all sorts of ungodly noises in their sleep. They're probably not dying, they're just noisy. Vaporizers can help with this. - Brad
  • The size of the nipple on a bottle matters. My son had wind/ colic because the nipple I was given wasn't the smallest possible. - Brad
  • For bub's first bath, submerge the whole body (not the whole head, just up to the ears), if they hate baths. Calms them right down. - Amber
  • Trying to bath our first she would scream like we were bathing her in acid! As we lowered her backwards into the water her falling reflex would go crazy. Mum's midwife friend showed us to hold her face down, hand on her chest supporting her chin. That way she felt secure like she wasn't falling, then she loved it! - Tim
  • Sudocrem is gold! - Laura
  • For nappy rash, bath them in a bath with some bi-carb soda, pat dry, then put some corn flour on the area. Worked a treat for us. - Amber
  • Write down the little details. What you're sure you'll remember you forget! (Or attribute to the wrong child!) - Jodie

Posted 09 July 2020