Australian Made

Here at One Hammer Workshop, we reckon Aussie made products are the bee's knees. All our stuff is made right here in our Brisbane workshop. So if you're having trouble getting your order, it's because I'm up to my ears in sawdust. We do our best to keep our stuff fair dinkum, and help out a mate by keeping things local. Here are some of our true blue suppliers...

Wattyl is an iconic and trusted Australian brand offering professional paint solutions.

Timber supplied by Plywood & Panel, a Brisbane based company.

Surface finishes supplied by Paint Place. Each store locally owned and operated.

Much of our hardware is supplied by Elraco, a family owned business based in South Australia.

Marsh Springs has been family owned for 67 years, based in Ipswich.

Packaging supplied by Box Factory, located in Brisbane, family owned and operated for 86 years.

Fully Australian owned and operated, based in Brisbane.

Website and domain hosting provided by Nimbo, Australia's best website builder.

Warehouses in all states and exporting to 28 countries, but still Australian owned and operated.