About us

We're a family owned and operated business, based in Brisbane. Our values are first and foremost to create secure, loving environments for our children to grow in. To see not only their physical needs, but also their emotional needs met, so they can grow into strong, balanced adults. Parenthood can be a stressful time, and often the best way to support the kids, is to support the parents. All of our products and initiatives are focused on assisting to create that safe space for positive, healthy, holistic growth.

We also value our country and our environment. Our products are 100% Australian made, and our suppliers are Aussie too. We do our best to minimize our waste, and employ environmentally friendly practices wherever we can. Please help us by recycling the packaging from our products.

The story behind it all...

Hi I'm Tim, the creator of the Nappy Cab. It all started 12 years ago with the birth of our first daughter. I enjoy tinkering with woodwork, and built the first version of the Nappy Cab to store our nappies. The first try was somewhat of a disaster. The project spent years in and out of the too hard basket, with numerous different versions and prototypes trialed by family members. Finally I was able to come up with a working solution. Since then our own Nappy Cab has spent years in bedrooms and lounge rooms dispensing nappies as required. We now have 5 kids, and although we're out of the nappy phase ourselves, we've been able to rigorously test the Nappy Cab on the way through!